Birthday Book Club 2017-2018

Don’t miss out on this MLS tradition! It is a great way to support our MLS Library Media Center and is a voluntary program sponsored by the PTO. This program helps ensure that we have plenty of new and exciting books for your children each year.

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The Annual Birthday Book Club Library Fundraiser was a Success!

On March 27th, Mrs. Atkinson presented 133 students with brand new library books at the annual Meriwether Lewis Elementary School Birthday Book Club party. The parents of each of these students made a donation to our library in their child’s name as part of the Birthday Book Club. Mrs. Atkinson carefully selected each book based on the student's interests and his/her previous library usage.  Each book features a bookplate label on the front of the book, indicating that the book was donated to the MLES Library as part of the Birthday Book Club fund, and listing the student’s name and birthdate.  

The Birthday Book Club Fund enables Mrs. Atkinson to order so many wonderful titles that ALL students can enjoy, including encyclopedias, special edition, and hardcover books.  The child with his/her name on the bookplate will be the first person to check out the title, and after he/she is done enjoying the new book, the child will return it to the library for others to borrow.  Cupcakes were served as part of the celebration. Thank you to all parents who donated - our library is truly an awesome place!  And thank you, Mrs. Atkinson, for your thoughtful book selections!


  • An adult provides a donation for a book(s) in honor of a child’s birthday.
  • Our media specialist, Andrea Atkinson, selects an age appropriate book to be donated.  Adults please choose a particular interest, or a “surprise me” option – just like planning for a birthday party!
  • Your child’s name is inscribed on a bookplate in the new book, which is presented to them at the Birthday Book Club Party in March, 2018.  And yes – there will be cupcakes and fun! Your child will be the first to check out this exciting new title.
  • Questions? Contact Colleen Bassett at

Click here to order online until February 2nd. 

Through Birthday Book Club, parents can make a donation for the purchase of a new library book in their child’s name.  Volunteers work with Ms. Atkinson to order books and add book plates for honorees.  Your child is the first to check out his or her new library book!

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