You received this error message: "We don't have enough of some of your items in stock at the moment. Your order has not been submitted and you have not been charged."

Solution: One of the classes in your cart filled up and it is no longer available for enrollment. Unfortunately our e-commerce provider doesn't let us easily identify which one it is (we know, it stinks). The only way to find out and correct it is this:

1. Click on your cart to see the list of classes.

2. Click on each class one by one to see the detail of that class.

3. Select "Enroll" from the dropdown as if you would like to enroll in that class again.

4. If it shows "Out of stock" you have found the problem. Remove that class from your cart by going back to your cart and clicking the "x" next to the class name that is causing the problem.

5. If you would like to join the Waitlist for the class, click on the class and choose "Waitlist" instead of "Enroll" in the dropdown, and click "Add to cart."

Need more help? Contact Helen Boyd at . Please include your phone number in your email.