Parent Council Update: Information on ACPS's 2016 Legislative Agenda

The Albemarle County Public School system has released its 2016 Virginia General Assembly Legislative Agenda. Some of the agenda items that ACPS intends to pursue are (1) the elimination of all Standards of Learning (SOL) tests for grades 3-12 that are not linked to federal reporting requirements; (2) the passing of legislation that would give counties the same authority as cities now have to generate revenue across a broader base; and (3) supporting reforms to the composite index that would include a real property assessment component to reflect the real property tax monies actually received by a locality. The 2016 Legislative Agenda further outlines a number of position and policy statements including opposition to any action that would permit external authorities to establish a charter school without school board approval, support for moving June primary elections to no earlier than the third week in June so as not to interfere with school activities, and a request that the General Assembly amend the Virginia Code to allow for the mailing of citations related to violations of the law that prohibits the passing of school buses that are loading or offloading students. The Albemarle County Schools Parent Council will be discussing the Legislative Agenda at its next scheduled meeting January 13th, 2016 at Baker-Butler Elementary School. Click here for more details.