Social Media Guidelines from Ms. Bell

From Betsy Bell, School Counselor:

Social media can be very positive and useful; however, it is easily used as a mechanism for rumors and bullying. As younger students become involved in social media it is important that parents are aware of the rules associated with the most common social media sites.  While most of this activity does occur outside of school, the effects of the social media use are seen in school and can be very disruptive to the learning environment and the students’ feelings of safety and security in and out of school.  

If you should choose to allow your child to use social media, here are some tips to help keep your child safe and to help insure appropriate use:

  • Find out what parental controls are available for the sites your child is using.  There are some that will notify an email address each time there is activity on the site; others will allow parents or users to control the content posted by others on the user’s page (such as photos, videos, certain language, etc.).

  • Educate yourself about the site.  Evaluate the sites that your child plans to use and make sure both you and your child understand the privacy policy and the code of conduct.  Be aware of age restrictions for use of the site. Find out if the site monitors content that people post.  

  • Review your child's page periodically.

  • Communicate with your child about their experiences. Encourage your children to tell you if something they encounter on one of these sites makes them feel anxious, uncomfortable or threatened. Stay calm and remind your kids they are not in trouble for bringing something to your attention. Let them know you will work with them to help resolve the situation for a positive outcome.

  • Review information on Common Sense Media:

If you have any questions or concerns about your child’s internet use or safety, please feel free to call (293-9304 ext. 29027) or email me (


Betsy Bell, School Counselor