Submitted by Steve Gissendanner

September 23 - She Started It ESTEAM Summit
October 14 at Crozet
November 11 at Broadus Wood Host: Katie Breaud
December 2 at MWL Host: Steve Gissendanner
January 6 at Greer Host: Ruth Kavanaugh
February 10 at STAB  Host: Kim Wilkens
March 10 at Stone Robinson Host: Karen Heathcock
April - TomTom/Ladies in the Lab We will add more info about these in a flyer or something at our Feb/March GGD
May 5 - at V. L. Murray Host:  Laura Richardson

Registration will begin about a month prior to each event. You will also find general info & registration link to share about Girls’ Geek Day @<>.

Sample Schedule:
9am-9:10 - Register & session sign-up
9:15-10:00 - 1st session
10:05-10:50 - 2nd session
10:55-11:40 - 3rd session
11:45-noon – Closing in gym/cafeteria