Bluebirds Care

The MLS PTO is launching a new initiative this year called "Bluebirds Care." As you heard from Dr. Irani at Back to School Night, one of the strategic goals for our school community is to develop empathy in our students. The "Bluebirds Care" program is designed to help give wings to this idea, enabling our students to be directly involved in giving back to our greater community.

Our bulletin board has launched this idea by asking students to write about how they show friends that they care (see picture below). Our next idea is to give our holiday parties a bit of a purpose outside of ourselves. We know that many teachers and room parents have already been doing mini-service projects at class parties for years, and we would like to create a central place for these ideas to be shared. By sharing information between classroom teachers and room parents about community service projects, we can help make these efforts more meaningful, cohesive throughout the school, and easier to execute. All of these ideas are completely optional, of course!

Some ideas we have already received include:

  • Making birthday cards for Meals on Wheels recipients
  • Making thank-you cards for local police officers and fire fighters
  • eaving placemats for The Haven or the Senior Center

We know that many of you are involved in non-profits around the Charlottesville area and will have great ideas for ways that our students can make a difference. Please send us your ideas at We will make a list of these ideas and send them to room parents and teachers prior to holiday parties.