Send Us Your Suggestions for PTO Funding

For the PTO board, the end of one year means planning for the next! Traditionally in April and May we have solicited funding requests from teachers, staff, and parents and made decisions to allocate funds raised throughout the year. This year we took a more proactive approach: with the formalization of the Annual Fund last September, we identified our funding priorities at the start of the year. With your enthusiasm and support, we have made progress on all three! Click here to review our Annual Fund Summary.

Beyond the Annual Fund, many of our programs and events exceeded budget expectations this year, thanks to the many parents who volunteered their time to organize, champion, and attend these initiative. We are fortunate to have such a talented and generous MLS community!

We will spend May and June planning for a small number of additional year-end expenditures, setting our budget goals for next year, and working with Dr. Irani to identify to funding priorities for next year’s Annual Fund. So now we would like to hear from parents, teachers, and staff. What needs have you identified at MLS? Where would like to see PTO and school funds allocated, for the betterment of our students? We welcome your ideas and proposals. Your suggestions will be included in our prioritization and review process. Click here for a copy of the “Parent Funding Suggestion Form” to share your ideas. Please be sure to complete each section as thoroughly as possible so that we may fully consider your request, and submit your form by Wednesday, May 6th. Thank you once again for your enthusiasm and support!