Destination Imagination - Coaches Needed

Every year Meriwether Lewis Elementary has an opportunity to field a Destination Imagination team. DI is a creative, problem solving, and team-building competition and it's a LOT of fun! Teams are coached by parent volunteers. The team selects a challenge from several options and they spend a great deal of time between now and the competition (in early spring 2016) preparing.

Students meet after school hours, either at school or a team member’s home. The coach is a parent volunteer who undergoes DI coach training (in November).  For students and coaches alike, DI is great experience but it's also a serious commitment.

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In order to make the Destination Imagination experience a possibility for our students, we need parent volunteers who are willing to lead or co-lead a DI team. Please keep in mind that teams form early in order to begin work on their challenge. If you are interested or have questions about coaching a Destination Imagination team, email Mr. Gissendanner at