Back to School Night PTO General Meeting Highlights

Thanks to everyone who attended Back to School Night on Tuesday evening. Here are the highlights of what was covered in the PTO General Meeting:  

  • Thank you, volunteers, for all you do! Whether you volunteer your time or help by sending in food and supplies, together we make a difference in the lives of MLS students and their teachers.
  • Last year, our PTO provided $57,997 in funds to the school. Highlights of PTO spending included funding for 30 samsung tablets, $13,000 for the first year of a Professional Development Fund for teachers, and $25,000 for the playground fund.  
  • The 2015/2016 Budget was approved by a general vote of the PTO.
  • In partnership with the administration, the PTO announced its 2015/2016 Funding Priorities for our Annual Fund:
    • Professional Development Fund Goal: $13,000
    • Playground Fund Goal: $22-25,000
    • World Language Program Goal: TBD

More details about the funding priorities will be included in the Annual Fund Letter and on the Annual Fund website page. Our goal is 100% participation so stay tuned!