SPECIAL REQUEST For Your "Gently Used" Children's Books

A special request from Andrea Atkinson:

A fellow librarian right here in Albemarle County is hoping to collect enough books to put one or two in the hands of each of her K-5th grade students. She is no longer conducting the annual bookfair, because it contains items that are priced beyond the means of her students and families. Instead, I am working with her to collect a variety of gently used books to GIVE to the students who crave new books, but simply can not afford them. I am confident that we can do this for them! I will accept book or cash donations anytime before February 12th. If each family selects just one or two books that are sitting on a shelf, or purchases a 2nd copy from their classroom book flier- we would easily collect enough books. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me (aatkinson@k12albemarle.org). Out of respect, I am keeping the recipients anonymous, but I assure you this is a genuine need and our support will be so greatly appreciated! Thank you for your support!

~Mrs. Atkinson