Auction Planning Meeting Thursday - Please Join Us!

Planning for the 2017 MLS PTO Silent Auction is underway! The auction is scheduled for April 21, 2017 at King Family Vineyard. This is a really special night that is all about spending time together as a school community, having a fun night out, and raising money for our favorite kids, teachers, and staff!

More details will come, but here's how you can get involved:

VOLUNTEER! We have big jobs, small jobs, long-term jobs, day-of jobs...the point is, we have jobs and many hands make light work! 

There will be an INFORMATIONAL MEETING this Thursday, November 10 at Laura Ege's house at 2734 Owensfield Ct at 7 p.m. This is just an informal meeting to learn more about volunteer roles, so if you're curious at all, bring a friend and come check it out! 

DONATE! Services, goods, art, vacation homes, experiences and more are welcome! If you have a great relationship with a local business, ask them for a donation! If you are a business owner, artist, instructor etc., this is a great way to connect with the MLS community and support our kids! Please email us at to donate or learn more.

MIXERS! Mixers are parent-sponsored parties that are always a lot of fun! We are looking for people to host student mixers for each grade, and groups of parents to host adult mixers. This is also a great way to involve new families, so if there's a new family in your child's class, please consider reaching out to them to see if they would like to join you in hosting a mixer this year! 

CONTACT! Email to discuss donations, mixer questions, and to volunteer, and thank you for your support!