Bingo Night Success!

Thank you MLS families for supporting this year's PTO Bingo Night. The event was well attended, LOTS OF FUN, and incredibly successful. This would not have been possible without support from the MLS community and help from a fabulous team of volunteers. Thank you to the following volunteers who helped out at this year's event: Ms. Parmelee (definitely the best bingo caller EVER!), Jenn & Abby Bryerton, Hobby Cole, Nikki Fedoravicius, Jeni Galvin, Michelle Smith, Maureen Strazzullo, Lori Toms, and Amelia Walton.

We would also like to thank the custodians for helping with set up and clean up of the cafeteria, Mr. White for the use of his AV equipment, and all the families who provided the awesome Bingo prizes.
You can be sure the fun will "CON-TIN-UE" next year!
Amanda Beresford, Susanne Derrico and Loretta Willis, Bingo Night Chairs