Teacher Appreciation Week Details

Teacher Appreciation Week offers many events coordinated by the PTO's Hospitality Committee -- thank you Kelley Hathaway, Caroline Stokes, and team! Families are asked to express their individual appreciation with a note, picture, or small gift, if they so choose, on Tuesday and Thursday: Tuesday, May 3rd is for students whose last names begins with A-L, and Thursday, May 5th is for students whose last names begin with M-Z. In order to show our full appreciation for ALL staff members, each class has been assigned a “SPECIAL” teacher below, in addition to their main classroom teacher(s). There are many teachers that interact with students on a daily basis, so we would like to encourage students to recognize whomever they'd like on their assigned day! 

Click here for the full schedule of Teacher Appreciation Week activities!

Kathryn DeAtley: Katelyn Deane
Meg Franco: Liz Cooke & Maggie Keane
Cynthia Warren: Susan Wood & Laura Emery

1st GRADE:
June Benoit: Yolanda Gonzalez
Sarah Jackson: Nancy Whitestone & Nancy McDaniel
Kelly Oehler: Debbie Jackson & Jamie Hinson
Destine Thomas: Stephanie Taylor, Tanya Baugher & Jennifer Yourkavitch

2nd GRADE:
Nancy Ealy: Sarah Robey
Heidi Robinson: Coby Massie
Patti Stewart: Amanda Durrer

3rd GRADE:
Karla Kirtley: Michael Irani
Leigh Anne Kuhn: Betsy Bell
Gwen Meeks: Susan Howard Smith
Anne Straume: Andrea Atkinson

4th GRADE:
Meghan Brodie: Dan Arrington
Bonnie Carey: Brandi Robertson
Laura Scully: Sue Fortune & Kim Nash
Bob Wilson: Kevin White

5th GRADE:
Joseph Hicks: Scott Williams
Debbie Parmelee: Cindy Tichner
Cheryl Wetmore-Simpson: Andrew Sherogan