3 Easy Ways to Earn Money for MLS!

It takes less than 5 minutes to start earning money for Meriwether Lewis!  Last year we earned almost $5000 for our school because we linked our grocery cards to Meriwether Lewis and shopped through a specific link on www.amazon.com.  Every year on August 1st, Harris Teeter and Kroger reset the school info so you need to relink your cards.  Please relink today and start earning for MLS!

Last year Meriwether Lewis received close to $500 from Harris Teeter. You can relink here. 

We earned over $2800 from Kroger.  You can relink here. 

We earned $2500 from amazon because our friends and family followed this link while shopping.  You can always just follow the link from the MLS PTO homepage as well.

Thank you for spreading the word to family and friends!  $5000 makes a huge difference but it takes all of us to relink today!