Fun Fair Tickets are Now for Sale!

Click HERE to buy tickets for the activities at the Rock 'N Roll Fun Fair on October 14th! 

Each ticket is $0.50. You can order in the following packages. Don’t forget the bulk discount at 50 and 100 tickets!! There will be plenty of games, the Rock Star dressing room, the bounce house, a lollipop microphone tree and much more.  Trust us, you won’t want to run out of tickets!  

    - 10 tickets = $5.00
    - 25 tickets = $12.50
    - * 50 tickets = $20.00
    - * 100 tickets = $40.00
* these options offer a bulk discount.

Your tickets will be available for pick up on the day of the event at the school (between 2:30 and 3:30 and again at the door beginning at 5:30).