Summer Library Hours

From Andrea Atkinson, the MLES Library Media Specialist:

Don't let the "summerslide" happen with your kiddos! 

There is no reason to let all the most amazing library books sit on the shelves this summer, while students are home claiming to be bored! We welcome current, past and upcoming MLS students and families to the MLS library most Tuesdays during the summer. This is a fantastic opportunity for families to experience all the library has to offer together. Students can meet up with friends. Upcoming kindergartners (even those with 3 years still left to wait) can get to know Ms. Atkinson, the layout of the library and meet new friends. Parents will learn to use the library catalog, and might even find something that they have been wanting to read, or re-read. Do you know how to code, or program a computer? This is an opportunity for some practice. There is simply too much fun to be completely described here. Come and see for yourself.

The hours are posted on the MLS Website Calendar and are as follows: 

June 20- 12:00-4:00
June 27- 1:00-3:00
July 4- closed
July 11- 1:00-3:00
July 18- 12:00-2:00
July 25- 12:00-2:00
August 1 - 12:00-2:00

We hope you will take advantage of this valuable and enjoyable opportunity!