Please submit Yearbook pictures!

5th Grade Parents:  Remember when?!!!  If you have group/class photos from our current 5th graders from K-5th grade, please upload those pictures for the yearbook!  Remember the K Halloween songs, the Patriotic program, the DC trip...

All Parents and Teachers:  if you have a group shot of your child’s class (Halloween?) or some good pictures from school events that you would be willing to share for the yearbook please click here to upload - it is so easy and really takes only a few seconds!!!  Please put the grade/teacher when you submit your picture so the yearbook chair can keep track of everything!  Make sure to click upload images after you enter the photo info.

**Pictures that include 6 plus students are more likely to be considered for publication.

**Yearbooks will go on sale at the end of February.

Direct questions to: