Andrea Brewer (Speech-Language Pathologist): SHAV Annual Conference

Andrea Brewer attended the SHAV (Speech-Language-Hearing Association of Virginia) Annual Conference on March 16 - 18, 2016:

The annual SHAV conference often provides a wealth of evidence-based information on intervention strategies for the school-based clinician, and this year was no exception. The conference was kicked-off with a day-long pre-conference seminar led by Dr. Sylvia Diehl, titled, “Old News, New News: An update on evidence-based practice for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder.” Dr. Diehl reviewed case examples of how to make real-life differences for children with autism spectrum disorder in school and home settings. Another valuable and favorite conference session I attended explored tips and strategies for introducing and encouraging use of core vocabulary on low-tech as well as high-tech alternative communication devices. Additional presentations included service-delivery recommendations for language-intervention in the general education environment as well as an update on evidence-based strategies for non-traditional articulation therapy. Furthermore, I always find the opportunity to network with fellow school-based SLPs regarding challenges and successes in therapy encouraging. Finally, these conversations also reminded me how fortunate I am to get to be a part of the Meriwether Lewis community. Thank you, PTO, for this awesome professional development experience!
— Andrew Brewer, M.S., CCC-SLP