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Mark Your Calendars for the MLS PTO 2018 Silent Auction!

Thursday, April 26, 2018
Meriwether Springs Vineyard
6:00 pm

This year, we’re moving to a beautiful new venue right in our own backyard. Longtime supporters of Meriwether Lewis, the owners have generously donated the space for our use on a weeknight. Now you can support the school and have your weekend free!  This is a FREE ADMISSION and casual event. 

Want to get involved with the planning committee for a big or small job? Have something to donate to the Auction? Want to host a mixer? Let us know!  Please contact Beth McCarthy or Stacey Carden at to get involved.

Please Consider Hosting a Mixer! 

Hosting a "Kid Mixer" party or "Parent Mixer" party, where tickets are purchased at the SIlent Auction to attend the parties, are a major component of our fundraising efforts!

Kid Mixers are always an important contribution to the auction. Typically 2-4 families will get together to host the mixer by grade, donating the party to the cause and other families in that same grade will buy tickets to participate. These can be very simple parties: e.g, for a past kindergarten mixer, a few families went together on a magician who came to one of the houses and did a little magic show, with balloon animals etc., followed by popsicles and outdoor playtime for about 20 kindergartners. The mixers can take place anytime after the auction through the summer and even well into the fall. Other popular ideas from previous years have been:

  • Pool Parties
  • Sports themed parties
  • Kindergarten Dance party
  • Simple cooking classes
  • Art Class
  • Sports themed parties (basketball, flag football, rollerskating, kickball)

The parties can be for boys, girls or mixed. We hope folks can get creative and think of some fun mixers for the kids. 

Adult Mixers are also a key component of the auction and operate much like the Kid Mixers.  So, feel free to get together with friends to throw a fun party for the MLS adults!  These have ranged from Farm to Table dinners, Summer Soirees, Adult Olympics, wine tasting, etc. We're always looking for fun new ideas, so please feel free to share any that come to mind!

If you are interested or have more questions, please contact Beth McCarthy at  We appreciate your role in supporting the school this year!  

The MLS PTO Silent Auction is an annual event for parents and friends of MLS students to benefit MLS School PTO. In previous years the Silent Auction has been the largest fundraising event, raising over $25,000, which we hope to surpass this year!

Contact for more information.