Meriwether's Got Talent!  
February 17, 2017 at 6 PM


Thank you to everyone who came out to support the amazing children who performed in the talent show on Friday.  It was a great turnout and the show was fun and so entertaining.  Thank you to the parents who supported their children through these efforts by coordinating auditions, practice, dress rehearsals, props and costumes.  We are grateful to you all and your efforts to make this show possible.  We would also like to thank the following:

- Dr. Irani, Jennifer Underwood,  Sue Fortune and Kim Nash
- The amazing custodians led by Dan Arrington
- Mark Stancil
- Maureen Strazzullo
- Jay Kolbrener
- David Ibbeken
- David Touve
- April Witt
- Valerie Martinez
- Beth McCarthy
- The Henley students who volunteered their time
- All of the parents who contributed to the bake sale
- Everyone who stayed to clean up and break down chairs after the show - THANK YOU!!!

A BIG thank you from Kennon Ibbeken and Laura Good.  It would not have been possible without ALL of you!

DVD Purchase:
DVD’s are available for purchase.  We will let you know timing for delivery as soon as possible.  DVD’s will likely cost between $15 – 20 (depending on how many people sign up).  The video is being edited now.  We will collect $$ by backpack mail once the DVD’s are distributed. If you would like a copy of the DVD from the Talent Show please sign up here. 


Talent Show: Volunteers!

We have some amazing acts in the works for the MLS Talent Show on Friday, February 17th at 6:00PM.  Now we are searching for talent amongst the parents! Please take a look at the Google document attached and sign up if there is an area in which you might be able to help!  It takes an army and we are SO thankful for all of you who have already volunteered your time. 

Click here for the Talent Show Volunteer Sign Up!

Talent Show - Joke Solicitation!

This is NO JOKE. . . . We Need Your Funniest Jokes! Have a favorite joke, one that always makes your friends and parents laugh?  The MLS Talent Show is coming up on Friday, February 17th, and our MC wants your jokes to share between acts.  Write them down, with your name and grade, and place them in the box outside the office. 

Give us your best jokes, and we'll include them in the show!

Questions? Contact Kennon Ibbeken at

Click here for all the details about the Auditions. 

The MLS Talent Show takes place every-other year in February or March.  Whether your place is on stage, in the wings, or in the audience, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.  

Contact for more information.